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'In Our Nature' Exhibition.

Echo Echo Studios, Derry - Londonderry.

27th January - 11th February 2023.


‘In Our Nature'


An exhibition of contemporary paintings from Dublin to the North-West at Derry’s newest and most historic Visual Arts Space.


Echo Echo Dance Theatre has recently repurposed its foyer and Theatre stairwell into a space for artists to exhibit their work.  This is a new and vibrant exhibition space for artists in the city of Derry while also showcasing artists from around the world.   


Their recent exhibition of A5 works on paper showcased over 45 artists from the North-West of Ireland alongside artists from Illinois to India.  

Their New Associate Artist, Sinéad Smyth, will be programming and curating visual art events in the space for the coming year.


The upcoming exhibition ‘In our nature’, combines the works of Dublin based artist, Jacinta O’Reilly and North-West based artist Sash Ka Sheils.  


In speaking about the work of these artists, curator Sinéad Smyth highlighted why she felt compelled to draw these two artists together.  “The works of both artists intrigue my sense of remembered ideas and information, giving a possible visual pattern of how I might imagine stored ideas, or where our ideas go in the brain.  The ebb and flow of recollection and the potential for pattern in processes for remembering, perhaps in a kinetic, sensory mnemonic pattern.”


The Exhibition ‘In our Nature’ Opens on Friday 27th January at 7pm and runs to February 11th.  The artists will be in attendance.  


A Special lunchtime talk with the artists, curator and Artistic Director of Echo Echo, Stephen Batts, will take place at 1pm on February 1st.  This is a free event and open to all.


About the artists

Jacinta O’Reilly

Jacinta is strongly influenced by abstract expressionists and the spontaneity of their process. I enjoy using mixed media and layering drawings with various geometric shapes. It is the repetition of the shape that is important, so it becomes impossible to tell the beginning or the end of the drawing. I use the intensity of circles or triangles to compose an image giving an illusion of infinity. I am mindful of preserving a natural flow when I draw so that each component is considered but not deliberate. It is the wondrous and magnificent patterning of shapes and colours in nature that inspires my work.

Sash Ka Sheils

Sash Ka is based in the North-West of Ireland.  Her interest in art has come about through her desire to express that which is not meant to be expressed through words.  Through her love of philosophy, her extensive work in the field of Occupational Therapy and Psychotherapy, and her formidable drive to be free to sculpt her own choices and her own destiny, Sash Ka has cultivated a bold uncompromising style.

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